Horny Goat Weed as Energy Booster

November 5, 2014



How To Destroy The Church (Part 1) | The Society of Phineas

November 3, 2014


| Get Out of the Middle Class

November 3, 2014

” 1) Are you trying to prove to the world how good you are through your words to new acquaintances? Stop.
2) Are you trading all of your time for money? Find a way to leverage your time.
3) Do you think everyone is competition, or that people are trying to compete with you? Neither will be of value.
4) Are you still getting drunk every weekend? Hope you just sealed a big transaction that night.
5) Are you choosing prestige over money? Foolish.
6) Are you moving positions for the brand? When responsibility leads to a piece of the pie, choose responsibility.
7) Do you think you’re going to live an amazing life at 60? Go volunteer at a hospital.
8) Are you buying motivational products? You’re the product.”

An Interview With Matt Forney (video) – Goldmund Unleashed

November 3, 2014


Halloween Weekend | Rediscovering Manhood

November 3, 2014